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you're about to Discover How to Earn Unwavering Respect and Stop Worrying About Others' Opinions, and Start Living a Life Where You Feel Empowered and Valued in Every Relationship!

Ever finding yourself doubting your worth, feeling overlooked by your partner, or stressed about others' opinions? You're about to leave all that behind!

Hi, I'm Simon. I help men overcome being too nice and feel pushed around. I specialize in empowering men who are too kind and have forgotten their own strength and power.

❌ In their relationships, they either don't get sex or they do but it's not that good.
❌ They don't feel appreciated at work or at home.
❌ People disrespect and disappoint them constantly.
❌ They avoid conflict, get walked over or these problems keep growing and getting out of hand.
❌ They don't know how or when to assert themselves.

It's time to stand up for yourself, learn how to speak assertively and reclaim what's yours like a man.

✅ Become irresistible to your wife or women in general.
✅ Do the work that you love and excites you
✅ Transform your relationships so people love having you around and ask for your guidance.
✅ Gracefully set up boundaries with people without hesitation or guilt.
✅ Tackle any problem head-on like a man with no fear
✅ Get respect
✅ Enjoy freedom without anxiety or fear.

Reclaim Your Masculine Rights, And Embark On A Transformative Journey To Greatness

Since joining the sessions with Simon and his insightful men's group, my awareness of my anxiety's roots has significantly increased. Recently, I've regained the ability to plan and execute a much better future, thanks to these meetings. Simon's expert guidance has been crucial in my journey, offering profound insights and strategies for personal growth and mental well-being. The group's supportive environment has also been key in fostering my progress.

Robin lee

Musicology Expert & Pro. DJ
Simon masterfully teaches the balance between assertiveness and compassion, focusing on clear communication, setting boundaries, and self-respect. He highlights the necessity of self-respect to earn respect from others, an essential insight for current and aspiring leaders. His approach equips individuals with crucial skills for effective, empathetic leadership, making it a valuable resource for personal and professional growth.

Rammy narula

Photographer & Fuji Ambassador
Joining Simon's men's group has helped me rediscover parts of my manhood I lost a long time ago. I've seen where I went wrong as a leader and communicator, and I'm working on getting better. This group is teaching me how to set healthy limits and handle problems without ruining relationships. I realized I used to mess up good connections, especially when arguing. Now, I'm focused on growing into a stronger, more capable man than I ever thought possible.

Victor Singh

Energy Healing Teacher

"Awaken Your Inner Leader"

Master the Art of Masculine Communication

From: Simon Goldwhite in Brisbane, Australia.

What does "Masculine Communication" mean to you...?

For everyone it's different...

Some of you have explored numerous paths in your journey of self-improvement: diving into self-help books, engaging with personal development videos, investing in therapy.

For others, you have invested in leadership training, working harder, and perhaps even trying meditation, and the list goes on...

Each of these paths has imparted valuable knowledge and tools for personal growth and will remain beneficial for your entire life.

However, there’s one crucial element that ties all these learnings together, transforming them from mere concepts into powerful tools of change.

That component is masculine communication, and this is the ultimate male empowerment pathway...

Men's Nice Guy Syndrome and Higher Masculinity Coach who runs weekly men's group calls

So What Exactly is 
Masculine Communication?

Today, so many men are working hard to better themselves. They're pushing to be the best they can. They read books like “no more Mr. Nice Guy", and follow gurus like Tony Robbins and other self-help or spiritual leaders seeking freedom, wealth and personal actualization Right?

But how can anyone achieve these things if they are missing the most important truth? These men believe that if they work hard, study, get a degree and make money They will be happy and successful. 

They believe that if they hit the gym, get a six pack, go to therapy, meditate, and explore spirituality then they are “Doing the right thing” and surely blessings will fall out of the sky into their lap.

Here's the truth, many of them are miserable insecure men who act like they are happy but deep inside feel desperately afraid and unfulfilled. They are not wrong about personal growth and working on themselves but they are just missing one piece of the puzzle.

The #1 reason why most men do not feel good enough, seek validation and feel insecure, and it’s probably not what you think.

Most modern men sabotage their careers and relationships without even knowing by doing these things:

They often feel insecure and need their wife or partner to constantly reassure them. 

They struggle to make quick decisive decisions or keep their feelings hidden and act like things are okay even then they are not. 

They avoid confrontation, agree with their boss even when they disagree, they always put others’ needs before their own and struggle to say no and/or believe their worth is determined by others’ approval. 

The list is long, I just wanted you to get an idea of what I'm talking about so if you resonate with the person I am describing below this is for you.

Think about it for a moment. How much do you invest in yourself? How much time and money do you spend on becoming better?  You do a lot right? And despite all you have been through, years of struggle, working through problems and growing, all the hours of inner and outer work, and this problem only slightly gets better from time to time. But it doesn't go away! 

Why? Because most men today are not true to who they are inside, their life is more like a show and they play a character that acts happy but is not.

Most men are not happy in their marriages, they don't get intimacy, closeness and sex and they don't feel appreciated.

At work besides the sex part, It's pretty much the same, they feel unfulfilled and unappreciated. 

This is because most men simply have no clue how to be real, how to be authentic and how to speak directly and assertively and get what they want. They don't know how to talk like a man who commands respect. 

Many men today aren't being true to themselves, what the F*** Does that even mean?

Men who are powerful leaders, innovators and builders are being told every day that their very nature is wrong. They are being brainwashed into believing masculinity is toxic and Instead of growing and innovating they should be kinder, more compassionate and soft.

Don't listen to the hype! There is a distinction between being kind and loving and being soft.

Men are driven by love and service of their loved ones, in the past men were at the very top of the food chain, back then every man was a super athlete, and a highly specialized hunter and tracker.

Men sacrificed their bodies and lives because they loved their families; they protected their tribe from lions and bears and led them away from famine and drought. You too have these powerful primal instincts and men should never be soft.

Men who live soft lives suffer greatly, they are looked down on, they are underappreciated and most of all, soft men are wasting their potential.

This problem is a big one because it's the one thing above all that is creating your rocky relationships and lowering output at work.

It's the one thing that is making you feel needy, and insecure and draining all your energy and confidence.

Here is where masculine communication comes in. It's simply the most powerful personal development concept for men today that will help you bear the fruit of your personal development journey…

Masculine communication is not just a skill, but the key to unlocking all your skills.

This isn't a solution for most men. I’m talking about taking several steps back to our roots. Some are not ready, some are immature, and some are not wanting to do the work and become a respected leader. Some prefer to be taken care of instead. And that is completely fine.

But if you do in fact want to be the kind of man people look up to, a man that speaks his truth flawlessly and is heard then this is for you.

What men learn to do when they become more assertive:

Set boundaries - Men who communicate effectively set healthy boundaries for their family to live by, which is critical for children's healthy development and a feeling of safety and security in your family. By setting healthy boundaries you communicate how you expect to be treated which conveys respect.

Lead - Assertive men know what needs to get done and they know what they want. They don't waste time and let opportunities slip away; they make decisive decisions quickly.

Comfort - Assertive men are rare these days. One thing that sets them apart from the rest of the herd is their ability to provide financially and emotionally. They exude confidence and a feeling of safety, something women unconsciously crave, this means more dates, more women attracted to you, more intimacy and trust in your marriage. 

Inspire - Assertive men are heard and can bring the best out of people, this trait is critical for leading people whether it's in business or your family. Be an awesome boss dad that is appreciated and irreplaceable.

Take action - The words in your head, lead to your feelings and feelings lead to action and actions lead to results. By becoming more assertive you become more confident and more proactive and get more things done with less effort.

How do I know it works?

During my years of coaching, I have assisted many executives, professionals, and CEOs in discovering their true masculinity. Many people come to me unsure of what to expect. They just felt unfulfilled, lacked confidence, and struggled in relationships but don't know why.

Through our work, They all without exception learned how they compromise so much and are living a fake life. They devote excessive time and energy to appearance rather than goals. They neglect personal growth and self-actualization in the process.

With working with countless men I have developed this method and narrowed it down to 7 key lessons. After this 7-day transformation, each man will have three things. First, he will know the most effective way to communicate. Second, he will have a plan to achieve all his goals. Third, he will be aware of how he has held himself back in the past and hindered his success and happiness.

Once implemented, the transformation is nothing short of remarkable.
If you still want to be a nice guy and be walked all over then this is not for you but for those who have taken part in this course have discovered newfound confidence.

These men learn to get what they want in life directly and easily by first understanding what it is they want and then expressing their needs clearly.

Some men are scared to ask for what they want and end up stuck in their careers or divorced but those who answer the call experience change.

This change doesn't go unnoticed. People around them begin to respect their boundaries. They recognize the newfound charisma, magnetism, and power.

This change extends beyond their professional life. They become more attractive to women, fostering better relationships. They feel appreciated and worthy. These qualities enrich their intimacy and personal connections. They own their unstoppable drive and energy that propels them. This unstoppable force carries them through all areas of their life. They speak and become role models. They make their wives, children, and father’s proud.

So what happens to men
who never learn to be assertive?

Men who don't know how to be assertive are left by their wives and are more dispensable at work, ending up feeling unappreciated and alone.

Even in committed relationships, men like this experience loneliness.

Even in the top of their careers, men like this experience unfulfillment, anxiety, and depression. I know because I have worked with many of them.

And How did it come to this..?

Since the industrial revolution, fathers have begun working further and further away to pay the bills instead of working on the farm with their sons, teaching them how to be men.

From our earliest days, we're told to sit down, be quiet, and be a good little obedient boy.

They beat the creativity and sense of exploration and wonder out of us. What does this mean for a young boy? It means he was taught everything about the way he thinks, feels, and behaves is wrong.

Is there a better way to get boys to hide under their mother's skirts? Metaphorically.

Anyway, by puberty, most boys fail to fully socialize and develop a deep fear of talking to girls or fitting in.

Some learn social skills, but most men are terrified at the thought of public speaking or talking to women they find attractive. They struggle to assert themselves or approach attractive women.

This resulted in having a generation of boys raised by women. The whole education system from ages 5 to 18 is a female-dominated system where we are constantly being judged and measured.

So it's not your fault that you never developed fully into a man. You were never given the guidance and freedom to develop your manhood, you can still do a lot about this problem. But if you don't take action soon, you will continue this pattern until it's too late.

The average man today lives a safe life, never learning lessons. They lack the mindset needed to establish themselves and reach their potential. If you are still here reading this I believe you have it in you to take more and be more.

The real root of the issue. Our fathers failed us; they didn't know any better and bought into comfort and education for stability. They worked long hours every day for very little, and they didn't mentor and teach us because most likely they also didn't know all this stuff.

They submitted to their fears and gave up their dreams, drive, passion, and courage. They chose safety and now we suffer the consequences. The world is chaotic as a result. Education is currently facing challenges. A degree has lost value. The economy is not stable. The job market is not favorable and we must rely on ourselves.

We are alone in this world. It is time to wake up. No pension or job or government can offer you absolute safety. Men need to learn how to take care of themselves and it begins with learning how to clearly and assertively communicate what you need.

so what does masculine
communication really looks like?

Confident Responses: When She Stands You Up

Learn how to respond confidently and set clear boundaries in different situations, like when getting stood up. Discover the power of direct communication and how it can be more effective than confrontation

Leading Women into Their Authentic Feminine Side

learn how to guide women into embracing their vulnerable feminine side. Discover how to create a safe space for your woman and encourage her to express her emotions, helping her maintain her mood, health, and happiness.

Confronting Gaslighting and Manipulation: Strategies for Men

Learn how to confront gaslighting and manipulation head-on. This video teaches men to recognize and reject toxic behaviors, ensuring they don't grow and fester.

So when did men loose their power?

Men today are not assertive because they lay on a shaky foundation and were not taught to fend for themselves; they are confused and scared. At home, men don't want to use their authority because they may look like a controlling tyrant.

Well, guess what? The opposite of a tyrant is not much better. Women divorce men who are unable to take control and provide a sense of security.

At work, men are encouraged to engage with over-the-top, ineffective 'woke' nonsense and politically correct BS, and they can't say a thing or it will cost them.

But there is a way to share your concerns, set boundaries, and lead people out of this madness.

I get it, in today's professional culture if you make just one small slip, just make the wrong person feel the wrong way and that could end your career.

Simply put, masculinity is under attack. Men are miserable, women are suffering more than ever, and no one is happy about this situation. We need to take some responsibility and learn how to navigate this and gain some control back. But men have forgotten how to be leaders. The only answer is assertive communication!

Now, more than ever, it's crucial for you to address this and reawaken your masculine power and reawaken the leader within you. It's about embracing who you are and what brings out the best within you.

And Yes, I Get it...

Being a man is tough. We worry a lot, especially about our relationships.

We are all supposed to be big, have a 6 pack and bring home a minimum 6 figure salary. Hard goals to live up to.

The thought of our partners leaving us weighs us down. When they seem less interested or distant, it makes us feel ignored and insecure.

These worries affect everything, not just our personal lives. If we're too scared to take charge or speak our minds, and we don't know how to, we probably won't so most men just avoid dealing with it.

Problems and conflict in general scare the shit out of most guys. But avoiding uncomfortable things won't last forever.

Being a man is about tackling things directly. And guys who tend to avoid problems will just keep letting small things grow into huge problems until they don't know what to do anymore.

“I should have learned this 20 years ago” Is something I keep hearing when I'm teaching direct masculine communication.

We need to learn to express ourselves and speak assertively without fear, without anxiety, without worrying how we look to the people around us.

It simply doesn't work. Men by nature are direct, assertive and powerful until that gets beaten out of us. And yeah, sometimes life will do that but the answer is joining our 7-day assertive communication course.

I will explain why, if you let others push you around and hide your true feelings. If you are still trying to avoid mistakes and be perfect then that tension must go somewhere. It's F***ing exhausting!

This behavior leads us to seek escapes like drinking or watching too much TV. While we're doing this, we're not focusing on our dreams and goals, which become further away.

So What's The Solution?

This 7-day course is structured into four main pillars and includes seven key lessons with videos, worksheets, and homework. You'll also join a community, essential for learning, completing your rites of passage into manhood and homework assignments.

After this 7-day course, I guarantee you'll start feeling like a real man. You'll feel more assertive, powerful, and respected. It's about finally stepping into your strength and letting go of fear. By the end of this week, you will see a change. You will speak up for yourself with confidence and others will notice.

You will understand the feeling of being a man. People will notice and respect you. They won't feel forced. They'll be drawn to your strong presence. Commit to this challenge to experience what it's like to be the person you've always desired. You will feel strong, confident, and in control.

and what will you learn?

The Four Pillars

First Pillar - Self-Awareness: Learn to recognize and stop behaviors that limit you.

Maybe you have agreed with most of what you read here today. But how do we change and solve the problem? The first step is to understand the problem and see it for what it is.

Nobody can help you if you are in denial or still think just going to therapy will fix you. Your thoughts and feelings are the most critical thing when talking about confidence and asserting yourself better in conversations.

But most men are not too good at understanding feelings so I have designed some lessons in the form of videos and worksheets to help you with this self-assessment first step.

Second Pillar - Your Mask, Nice Guy Syndrome, and Masculine Leadership:

Most men today suffer from some form of nice guy syndrome. We try to please people and we wear masks hiding our true feelings, well this really gets in the way of being a leader, it has to go.

Discover what 'Nice Guy Syndrome' is and learn about true masculinity and the rights of passage each boy needs to go through to fully pass into manhood.

For some men it's insecurity that prevents them from being more assertive and direct; for others its fear of being judged or failing.

Whatever it is for you, first, we will assess where you are right now in your journey into assertive masculinity, then we will help you uncover all the setbacks that are preventing you from moving forward.

Lastly, you will learn some key lessons and develop the skills you need to talk directly and assertively. 

Third Pillar - Clarity Planning and Vision: Create focus & clarity in your life.

Every man needs a vision, a purpose, a reason for getting up in the morning. This part will make sure you have a clear idea of what you want in life.

A clear plan provides the drive and motivation to take more action, helping you to pursue your goals with less struggle and to focus on what truly matters to you.

We have worksheets and videos designed to help you to set up goals the right way and get moving.

Fourth Pillar - Joining Like-Minded Men and Practicing Skills:

We cannot do this alone. Most men avoid other men but that's not a solution.

Learn to be vulnerable in a healthy way with other like-minded men who just like you have potential and a drive for more. Connect with the tribe  via our online platform where we can share and discuss and even practice masculine communication and leadership. 

This supportive environment helps you become comfortable with being open and straightforward, improving how you interact in your daily life.

Detailed 7-Day Breakdown

Day 1 - Male Rites of Passage:

Assess and discover what it means to be a man today. Identify what's holding you back and what changes are needed for impactful growth.

Day 2 - Understanding Nice Guy Syndrome:

Explore the roots of your triggers and gain more control of your emotions and Nice Guy Syndrome. Understand the need for acceptance and uncover the fears behind it.

Day 3 - The True Meaning of Masculinity Leadership:

Learn the best practice techniques for effective leadership, communication, and setting boundaries. Useful at home and at work because you  Learn to respect yourself through your words and actions.

Day 4 - Mind and Communication Styles:

Understanding how the mind works, how we break down information and understand things and explore different communication styles so you can relate with other people is essential for leading and connecting with people.

Day 5 - Boundaries Practice:

Learn to Reinforce boundaries, reshape your self-image, and learn powerful communication techniques with a powerful lesson and role-playing scenarios.

Day 6 - Clarity Planning and Vision:

Through writing and worksheets gain clarity on your values, vision, and purpose, driving you to take action and focus on your goals.

Day 7 - Overcoming Limitations:

Address limiting beliefs, or things you fear and hold you back due to trauma or previous bad experiences and learn how these have been sabotaging your progress all along so you can let go of them and focus on what really matters.

What guarantee do i offer?

I promise you this: Learn masculine communication. See changes in your life. Be 100% satisfied or get your money back, no questions asked. These skills will transform your life. They make you more assertive, respected, and genuinely confident. But if you feel it hasn't made a difference, you'll get a full refund. It's that simple and straightforward.

how much does it cost?

47$ and 7 days of your time

Why this price? I've coached wealthy CEOs and executives and realized something important. Everyone should have access to the powerful tools I teach. These tools can change your life – they help you express yourself clearly, reduce arguments and tension in relationships, and boost your confidence and focus. 

What you'll learn in this program is fundamental, and honestly, I'm surprised this kind of training isn't already available to everyone. It should be taught at school.

That's exactly why I've made it affordable and accessible – because these skills are too important not to share widely.

and how do i know masculine communication works?

Don't take my words for it...

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to conclude

Many men were raised to be quiet and compliant. As a result, they often struggle to assert themselves. This struggle can lead to insecurities, especially in relationships. Despite various attempts to find fulfillment, they often miss addressing deeper issues.

My program transforms these men. It starts with self-awareness, breaking free from fear. They learn about masculine leadership, and building self-worth from within. Gaining clarity on values and purpose, they move towards their goals confidently. They join a community of like-minded men. They practice new skills. This leads to profound internal growth and healing.

This journey isn't just about success; it's about becoming confident, respected, and fulfilled. Men learn to communicate assertively and embrace their masculinity. This transformation leads to a life of respect, confidence, and genuine fulfillment.

In conclusion, without the cornerstone of masculine communication, your wealth of self-development knowledge risks remaining untapped potential. But with this skill, you transform your learnings into meaningful actions, ensuring every step you take in your personal growth journey is deliberate and impactful.

Now, it’s time to take that crucial step forward. Escape the endless YouTube spiral searching for answers. It's time to reclaim your masculine rights, to awaken your inner leader. You don't have to navigate this path alone. We invite you to embark on a transformative journey to greatness with our exclusive 7-day masculine communication program. This program is meticulously designed to equip you with the tools, strategies, and confidence needed to apply all that you've learned in a powerful and effective manner.

This is your opportunity to move from theory to practice, from learning to leading. In just seven days, you'll experience a profound shift in how you communicate, lead, and influence. You'll learn to integrate your self-improvement knowledge with the art of masculine communication, propelling you towards a path of personal and professional greatness.

Join us, and transform your journey of self-improvement into a legacy of success and fulfillment. Your time to rise as a leader, a communicator, and a trailblazer in your own life is now. Let's make it happen together.

frequently asked questions

1) What makes this program different from all the self-help content on YouTube?

This program is different from random YouTube advice. It provides structured, tailored guidance. The goal is to awaken your inner leader and master assertive masculine communication. It is specifically designed for men.

2) I've tried so many things to improve myself, but I still feel something's missing. Can this program help?

Absolutely. This program tackles the deeper issues that other self-improvement methods overlook. It focuses on self-awareness, masculine leadership, and authentic communication.

3) Will more therapy or self-help books really help me?

This program offers insights and practical steps to apply in real life. It also provides a supportive community, which books and therapy lack.

4) Is this just another leadership training?

It's more than that. This program helps you rediscover your masculinity. It also strengthens your assertiveness and self-worth. These benefits go beyond conventional leadership training.

5) I'm into meditation and spirituality. How does this program fit with that?

This program complements your spiritual practices. It grounds them in practical masculine communication and leadership skills. It enhances both personal and professional relationships.

6) I'm not sure about my life's direction. Can this program help me find my purpose?

Definitely. The program helps you gain clarity on your values. It also helps you gain clarity on your vision and purpose. It guides you towards a life that aligns with your true self.

7) What if I'm already successful in my career? What more can this program offer me?

Success isn't just about career. This program helps you succeed in personal relationships and self-growth. It ensures that you live a fulfilling life, not just a successful one.

8) How quickly can I expect to see changes in my life after joining the program?

Within just 7 days, many participants feel more assertive and confident. They notice changes in how others perceive and respect them.

9) Is there a guarantee if I don't find the program helpful?

If you aren't completely satisfied, you'll get a refund. No questions asked.

10) What's the investment for this transformation?

The investment is $47 and 7 days of your time, a small price for a significant change in your life. This program is designed to be accessible while offering profound value.

Ready to dive in?

Start Your Free Trial Today
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