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Simon Goldwhite

As a skilled coach with a diverse toolkit, certified in Executive Coaching by ICF, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy, and as a Master NLP Practitioner, I've dedicated over 5,000 hours to guiding individuals and groups. My approach blends leadership and communication skills for transformative growth and healing, embodying a deep commitment to coaching.

The Book That Redefined My Life.

Two decades ago, as a young soldier, I stumbled upon a life-altering book, "The Game" by Neil Strauss. This book opened my eyes to the power of shaping my own life, rather than drifting with the current.

Embracing this insight, I delved into the world of personal development, exploring topics like psychology, confidence, science, history, and biology. These subjects are now integral to my coaching.

Fast forward to 2012 in Australia, where I took on a sales job. This wasn't just a career move; it was a personal challenge to break free from shyness and introversion. Motivated by colleagues who were making impressive earnings, I set my sights high.

It was here I met my future business partner. United by a shared dream, we soon embarked on our entrepreneurial journey. My dedication paid off as I rose to become a top salesperson. This experience, combined with my passion for personal development, laid the foundation for my coaching career.

after a year of hARD WORK...

And saving every penny, we moved to Bangkok to embark on our entrepreneurial journey. We were two stupid, naive but ambitious 22-year-olds, we somehow managed to get things done. We started with one location in 'Fashion Island' mall outside of Bangkok. We knew nothing of business but we learned as we went. This was a lifetime experience and everybody thought we were crazy.

Life was crazy at this time. 

We set up five stores and I took on the responsibility of managing and training a team of 17 Thai staff members. 

Life was moving, although it wasn't my life's ultimate calling, the experience taught me so much.

Fast forward to 2016, a pivotal year.

Our contracts were abruptly terminated, and we were blacklisted from Thailand's largest mall group. It was a devastating blow, leading to the shutdown of our business. Suspicions that our competitors caused us to shutdown lingered, but without concrete evidence but that's the nature of business.

Suddenly, I found myself free to reinvent who I was. Despite losing everything, my faith, resilience, and vision for the future remained unshaken.

I picked myself up and landed a new sales job, quickly finding success and financial stability. This stability allowed me to pursue my true calling: coaching. I've always been passionate about personal development and empowering others. After years of absorbing knowledge through videos and books, I knew it was time to go further. I dedicated myself to mastering the art of coaching.

Years went by, and eventually, I left my comfortable sales position to coach full-time. Today, I stand freer, healthier, and deeply fulfilled in my work. I firmly believe that what I've achieved isn't unique to me; anyone can do it, perhaps even more quickly. To aid others, I've developed a program to help discover their purpose and ignite their inner fire.

This is what "Purpose within" is all about.

If you're wondering whether I'm the right coach for you, let's find out together! Schedule a call with me, and let's uncover the root of your challenges.

Curious if I'm the right coach for you? Let's discover it together!

Schedule a call, and we'll dive into your challenges.

Qualifications & Certifications

Let's explore my professional journey – it's more engaging than it sounds, and each step has shaped the coach I am today.

ICF Certified Executive Coach

This certification is the gold standard in the coaching industry. It's a testament to the rigorous training and high ethical standards I uphold in my practice.

Master NLP Practitioner

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a fascinating field. It's all about understanding how our minds work and how we can communicate more effectively.

Certified in Hypnosis and Unconscious Work

This might sound a bit out there, but it's incredibly effective. These techniques allow us to tap into the unconscious mind, helping to address and overcome deep-seated beliefs and habits.

Master Communications & Leadership ABNLP Certified

It's all about understanding people, motivating them, and helping them reach their full potential. With over 5,000 coaching hours, I believe experience is the ultimate teacher.
My journey and skills are not just awards; they are key parts of my coaching. They show my commitment to learning and my strong belief in how coaching can change lives.

So, you've seen a bit of my story. Remember, it's not just about the certificates. It's about the experiences and, most importantly, the changes they bring.
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